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Top 3 Places Where You Can Easily Find Your One True Love

Are you still waiting for your true love to come? If you are tired of waiting, maybe it is time for you to step up your game and find that love in the right place. Does finding right love in the right place matters? The answer would be yes. Personally, I think that love comes whenever and wherever you may be in this world. But according to some people, there are places where you can easily find true love. [read the review on Choosing Between Online and Traditional Dating] Do you know where these places are? If you don’t, then check out this list below: 1. Paris, France Of course, number one on the list is the city of love, Paris. It is the home of many great historical love stories. Maybe you can find a great historical love here as well? 2. Rome, Italy If you want to date someone who is as fond of architectural structures like you do, Rome is definitely the perfect place to go to. 3. Barcelona, Spain If you love music, the Barcelona is the perfect place to visit. read more…...

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Choosing Between Online and Traditional Dating

If you’re tired of being single, you must first settle on what type of dating life you’d want to have before diving headfirst into the dating world. Now, you can choose between traditional dating and online dating. Here are some things to ponder on that might help you decide between the two: • If you are quite confident about your ability to get dates and make each one interesting, you might need the help that online dating can give you. But if you can barely find a potential date, then traditional dating may not be your scene. • Time...

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Challenges in Dating

Opening up to someone is quite a hard thing to do, most especially when you got used to being single and to not worry about someone else’s welfare except your own. But then, when you are into the dating stage of your life that doesn’t necessarily means you are betting everything you have in the table, although indeed it’s true that you are betting a piece of you, yet that doesn’t mean you have to pour in everything. Dating is basically a way to get to know someone else, to make new friends, and create a new relationship or...

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Don’t Judge People Because Everyone’s Experience is Unique

Dear kristina, Having been brought up in a Muslim family, I believe you know exactly how it is for us girls and you know all the rules. I had always had a mature thinking and was very disciplined. I never allowed any guy in my life and knowing how the virginity is equivalent to the honor, I always knew I would have sex with my husband only and that too after marriage. However, it didn’t happened as thought. While I was on training I met a guy who befriended me. I don’t know when I fell in love, I...

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